The Third-Party Management Industry Grows and Evolves

Third-party property management has evolved over the past few years, at least according to Ryan Hand, vice president of business development and client services at CA Ventures. “Not only have we seen new competitors enter the space, but we’ve also

SHB Interview: Vesper Holdings Grows Under Thoughtful Leadership

With nearly 20,000 beds under ownership, Vesper Holdings has grown at the direction of co-founders and co-CEOs Isaac Sitt and Elliot Tamir. The company was a pioneer in the value-add space, acquiring student housing properties and renovating them into showplace

On-Campus Housing Prepares for a Better Year

It was a rough year for everyone, but certain industries absorbed more of the brunt than others in 2020. This would include hospitality, airlines, restaurants and on-campus student housing. There was no clear map for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and

Naylor and Delcambre: The New Normal in Student Housing Design

When the world shut down over a year ago, architects, designers and developers took a collective pause to assess what needed to change in the built environment. A particularly scrutinous eye was paid to off-campus student housing, a sector whose

Tier 2 and 3 Markets Struggle Against COVID-19 Headwinds

The student housing sector has been touted as pandemic-resistant over the course of the last year, and for the most part, that sentiment rings true. Many markets showed resilience in rent payments, and leasing levels, as well as maintaining investment