Webinar: Designing Interiors for Gen Z

Generation Z will comprise the college population for the next 15 years, making it important to understand their core beliefs, lifestyle, habits, style identity and design preferences. While Gen Z is known for its connectedness and for living life online,

Jessica Ragsdale: Showcasing Value to Potential Renters

There are a number of things a student looks at when considering renting at your property — amenities, bedroom size, distance to school — but a survey by CORT recently revealed that cost is a student’s primary driver for moving

Furnishing A Future

Furnishing A Future Furniture companies and operators are working together to create a look and function that’s not only stylish, but also designed with Millennials’ study habits and environmental beliefs in mind.

How Important is Green Furniture?

Daniel Goldman CEO of Ecologic Furniture Vinyl, a material commonly used in student housing furnishings, is raising red flags. Vinyl is durable, widespread, affordable, and not the only option.