Seriously Smart Amenities

Today’s hottest amenities may have less sizzle compared to millennial-era must-haves, but in-demand developments deliver on amenities that promote success, convenience and wellness. By: Lynn Peisner Student housing amenities used to have a reputation in the popular press and in most

Priced Out: Adding Affordable Units to Student Housing

Student loan figures indicate a growing affordability problem in higher education. The Federal Reserve reports that student loan debt in the United States is almost $1.6 trillion today, with 42 percent of people who attended college — which represents 30

Tips and Tricks for Growing Ancillary Income

With residents willing to pay a premium for convenience and a higher standard of living, savvy student housing owners and operators can cash in with the right program, amenity or service partnership. Owners are searching for new revenue streams through

Developers Mull Opportunity Zones

When Aptitude Development began working on The Marshall near the University of Louisville in Kentucky about two years ago, the $50 million, 591-bed student housing project was simply considered a sound development along a corridor undergoing urban renewal. But last

Cottages: Aging Gracefully

When cottage-style student housing developments began cropping up over a decade ago, they were all the rage. Students loved the privacy of their own colorful, stylish house with an inviting front porch and lots of green space for outdoor activities.

Culture and Innovation

The Cardinal Group of Companies has focused on growing its management platform, while creating a magic touch for troubled assets. By: Randall Shearin, editor of Student Housing Business magazine By starting small, taking steady and measured steps forward and challenging the status

P3s – Not a Fad and Here to Stay

Across the country, universities are faced with outdated and obsolete housing stock built following World War II for students taking advantage of the GI Bill.

Staying Connected

Student housing operators and telecommunications suppliers grapple with the massive amounts of bandwidth students require.  By Scott Reid