John David Booty: Student Housing at the Center of Mixed-Use Communities

Purpose-built student housing remains an attractive investment following a record year in 2017. Since student housing is still catching up to demand, and boasting cap rates on par with traditional multifamily, there are plenty of development, acquisition and value-add opportunities within

Pete Sigmon: Turning Down the Volume in Student Housing

Take a moment and listen. Really listen. Do you hear that? Chances are that when you paused, you heard a sound. Whether it was annoyingly loud or barely audible, there was a noise, and you heard it. Even when sitting

Satyen Patel: Constructing Student Housing That is Built to Last

Institutions of higher education are constantly studying their plans and cramming for the next school year. The influx of different types of housing options for students — including classic dormitories, apartment-style residences and even university-owned, off-campus options — has made

Brad Dockser: Energizing College Living

Attracting millennial students to your property requires offering great amenities, especially those related to comfort and connectivity. Suntan booths, pools, media rooms, spas, flexible lease options, upscale furniture, Wi-Fi and cable are among the amenities used to draw college students

Larry Satkoski: About Those Ad Word Buys…

Restoration Hardware’s CEO, Gary Friedman, made a startling revelation that should be a warning sign to all property owners and managers bidding for key words on google. He describes a recent meeting with his online marketing team with regards to

Dan Urbina: Keeping Up With Millennial Students

Gone are the days when students would fill out a form to live in your apartment, answer your phone calls, or even write you a rent check. What IS a rent check anyway? I’m 39 and I haven’t owned a