Single Digits Acquires Airwave Networks

Bedford, N.H. — Bedford-based Single Digits Inc. has acquired Airwave Networks, a leading provider of wired and wireless internet access and digital television to student housing properties.

Single Digits is a global provider of high-speed internet access management software and support solutions. Airwave’s staff of over 150 employees will join the Single Digits team. Together, the company will provide the industry with high-speed internet and CATV solutions supported by professionally engineered networks, expert staff and superior customer service.

“The acquisition of Airwave Networks enables Single Digits to support our customers like never before — with unrivaled scalability in technology and a larger support team,” says Bob Goldstein, CEO of Single Digits. “The technology platform gives our customers a tremendous advantage in their market, with reduced operating costs and more resources available to their customers.”

Financing for the acquisition was provided by Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group. 


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