Webinar: COVID-19 and the Impact on Student Housing


Moderator Randall Shearin, Editor of Student Housing Business, leads a panel of experts as they discuss the difficulties and opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student housing experts Casey Petersen, COO, Peak Campus; Chris Richards, Executive Director, Real Estate Operations, Greystar; Adam Byrley, COO, The Preiss Company; Grant Collard, CEO, Redstone Residential; Alex O’Brien, COO, Cardinal Group; and Miles Orth, EVP and COO, Campus Apartments speak about the expected occupancy for Fall 2020, what message operators have for student housing investors, the likely fallout and possible positive impacts (including increased transparency and trust of technology) created by the coronavirus outbreak.

See a list of topics covered and their timestamps below the video.

(2:31) How did the student housing industry start coming together to discuss challenges that coronavirus has brought to the sector?

(4:34) How is the industry working collectively for guidance on off-campus properties? What is that current guidance?

(8:46) How are industry associations helping? In terms of guidance, what are associations offering to you?

(16:12) Let’s discuss the properties themselves and how they are operating and working. What percentage of your tenants have remained in the property?

(21:00) What are you doing to assist those residents remaining?

(25:24) What are you expecting as far as occupancy and rental rates on April 1st?

(29:53) What do you expect residents to do April to July? There’s talk that some people may remain this year, beyond the school year because they’re paying for it. Let’s talk about that a little bit.

(34:32) It’s early to consider but what effect will early vacancies have on turn? Are you trying to start things earlier on that front? This is a difficult thing to address, especially with trouble with staffing.

(37:22) As operators, what message do you have for student housing investors?

(44:13) Have you seen any impact on beds already leased for Fall 2020? Have you seen anybody ask to get out? And what are your thoughts on the Fall? Many of you sound very positive, depending on when universities announce they’re going to open again.

(48:40) Long term, what effect could this coronavirus outbreak experience have on student housing as a sector?

For a summary of the webinar, read “COVID-19 Webinar Recap: Owners and Operators Talk Best Practices, Industry Impact.”

For more information on the student housing industry, subscribe to the weekly Student Housing Business newsletter or the bi-monthly magazine.

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